When would a company need employment lawyers

Whenever we talk about employment lawyers we normally think about a law firm that specialises in unfair dismissal however we almost always think from the perspective of the employee and very seldom as the actual employer who may be requiring services of an employment law specialists.

Not all companies can afford to hire a full time HR and legal departments and instead they have to use services of HR outsourcing or law firms for odd issues that they may encounter with their employees. These can range from issues with workplace bullying, harassment, unfair dismissal or other workplace conflict and resolution issues.
employment law for companies
The way employers would hire lawyers would be either on adhoc basis or have some sort of contract drawn up and use credits when they are required. One such employment law legal firm is McArdle Legal based in Sydney Australia. They happen to have clients from ordinary employees who are seeking to defend their rights under the 10 National Employment Standards to large multinational companies who have footprint in Australia and require services of experienced, qualified employment law specialists.

What are some of the other circumstances where services of workplace solicitors may be required? Workplace conflict resolution is one where there can be issues develop between peer employees or employees and management; this happens quite often and in this case some sort of internal or external mediation services may be required.

Another is unlawful dismissal where there are ground to suspect that an employee has been terminated that counteracts that worker’s employment contract or National employment standards as mandated by Fair Work Australia. In this case the solicitors would look over the contract and also compare the situation with the employment law of Australia and try and find out if any of the actions of employer were unlawful or perhaps the worker deserved to be sacked and the company’s decision was the correct one.

And finally, another most common workplace dispute is over pay and condition where a worker feels the company is being unreasonable with their requests when it comes to the hours worked and overtime pay or the duties requested or ordinary hour rates and pay rises. The most common rule that can be applied to workplace conflict resolution is a fairness rule and ascertains if the issue seems fair and reasonable or not. Nine times out of ten you’ll find that if the predicament feels unreasonable it will be and same if the employer seemed to have acted fairly then they probably have even before running more thorough examinations.

Here is local Sydney directory for employment solicitors in Sydney https://www.opendi.com.au/sydney/24120.html